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Course Outline

The Critical Choices course is located in the Learning Center. It is made up of individual chapters that are divided into four phases:

Who am I? Phase one helps you better understand yourself.
  • Making Choices
  • Self-Awareness
  • Aptitudes and Skills
  • Barriers to Change
  • Support Systems
  • Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences
Where am I going? Phase two helps you learn where you best fit in the world of work.
  • Exploring Sources of Occupational Information
  • Career Decision-Making
  • Financial Planning
  • Develop a Career Goal
How do I get there? Phase three helps you create action plans to achieve your career goals.
  • Job Search Methods
  • Developing Job Search Tools
  • Presenting Yourself to Potential Employers
How do I stay there? Phase four gives you tips for success in the job setting.
  • Self-Management Skills for Success
  • Relationship Skills for Success
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