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Critical Choices Staff

Northern Illinois University

Mike Peddle - Project Director,Center for Governmental Studies
Fran Giordano - Co-Project Director, Counseling, Adult and Health Education
Aline Click - Technical Manager, eLearning Services
Amy Rose - Lead Researcher, Counseling, Adult and Health Education
Catherine Harned - Evaluator, Center for Governmental Studies
Brian Vollmert - Director, NIU Outreach Education and Training
Diane Alberts - Instructional Designer, eLearning Services
Sheryl Plenio - Instructional Designer, eLearning Services
Brian Walk - Interface Designer, eLearning Services
Scott Fleming - Graphic Artist, eLearning Services
Rosarin Adulseranee - Multimedia Artist, eLearning Services
Manish Taneja - Programmer, eLearning Services
Marcia Medema - Program Coordinator

YMCA Alliance

Laura Y. Pleasants - Steering Committee Member, Executive Director
Jesus Ruiz - Curriculum Advisor, Instructor

Training Inc. National Association

Marty Miles - Training Inc. Partner, Executive Director
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